October 17, 2017

I started cleaning up my diet about 6 years ago and it's still an evolving thing for me. I'm still experimenting all the time with what foods work best for me and which ones don't. All in all though, I have my diet mostly figured out and I feel amazing when I'm eating my best. However, it took until just last year to start cleaning up my beauty routine. 

Cleaning up my shampoo, conditioner, face wash, makeups, etc. always seemed SO daunting to me.... I had no idea where to start and wasn't convinced it could help me as much as cleaning up my diet did. This is unfortunately a trap many people fall into. It's much easier to focus on what goes inside our body (food & drink) and not put as much attention into what goes ON your body. 

According to a Huffington Post article, "The Average Woma...

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