Coconut Vanilla Muffins

October 15, 2017



So here we is officially born! This is my first official blog post I'm writing, and to be honest, feeling very unsure what to even write besides the obvious, the recipe. Guess I'll have to experiment with how much writing before the actual recipe is too here goes nothing, enjoy! :)


If you ever feel like you need a dessert recipe for something that's a bit lighter and not too sweet, then these muffins are for you! And I'm also convinced coconut and vanilla are 2 flavors that are meant to go together. Toasted coconut with the rich sweet taste of vanilla - YUM. 


I also made these for my bachelorette party last August and the girls loved them! I think it's also important to note that all my friends are not paleo and most don't care for super healthy desserts, so if they even like them then you will too! 














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