Pistachio Dark Chocolate Bark

October 17, 2017



I think my love for dark chocolate is already pretty clear...and if it's not yet, just give this blog another couple weeks and it'll be filled with more chocolate treats for sure ;) I've always loved a more bitter chocolate, even when I was little. Never liked milk chocolate, and we won't even talk about white chocolate (ick). So back to the dark chocolate....


My favorite brand by far is Eating Evolved! They only sweeten their chocolate with coconut sugar and even offer one that has no sugar at all added (Midnight Coconut flavor, which is what I used in this recipe). In the Chicago area they aren't in very many stores yet. The only place I know of that carries them is Plum Market in Old Town (downtown Chicago), so I always order mine from their website. 


Eating Evolved is what I used in this recipe, but of course any chocolate will work! I do recommend to read the labels on the chocolate you buy because even some dark chocolates can have too much added sugar.  Also, have fun experimenting with another nuts if pistachios aren't your thing! Almonds or walnuts would work great too. Enjoy!












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