Cashew Coconut Protein Cups

October 17, 2017

These are by far the most popular post yet on my Instagram page and I don't blame you guys because these look AND taste amazing!  These 3 flavors were seriously made for each other - dark chocolate, cashew butter, and coconut butter.


These are also incredibly easy to make and super low in sugar! No added sugar at all, only contains sugar naturally occurring in coconut butter. If you use a sweetened chocolate then there will be some there too, but I use Eating Evolved's Midnight Coconut chocolate which has zero added sugar. 


I like to keep these on hand for my after-dinner-sweet-tooth or even as pre-workout energy boost. They're best kept in the freezer and then removed about 5 minutes before enjoying.


Also feel free to experiment with different nut butters in place of the cashew butter and different chocolates!










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