Stuffed Acorn Squash

November 5, 2017


I'm embracing every aspect of fall (as I do every year)! Love the fall scents, sweater and boot wardrobe, cozy coffee shop hanging, and all that fun stuff! So what I'm cooking in the kitchen is no exception. I love trying new types of squash every fall, but always come back to acorn squash as one of my favorites.  It's so easy to just chop up and roast to eat on its own, and you can even make it a sweet treat (add some cinnamon) or savory (add some sea salt, pepper, and oregano) - options are endless!


With this recipe I completely changed it up from how I normally eat squash and it was delicious! The beef + squash combo was a nice complement to each other. These would also be a great crowd pleaser for a dinner party you're hosting since the presentation is so darn cute! It just screams fall/holiday season, doesn't it?! 


I hope you enjoy!













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