Double Chocolate Banana Bread Cookies + My January Whole 30

December 27, 2017


Who says all the cookies have to stop just because Christmas is over?! I seriously love a great cookie. Probably my favorite type of dessert. This post features my Double Chocolate Banana Bread Cookies. Two things I love about these cookies: (1) DOUBLE chocolate, do I even need to say any more on that? and (2) the only thing these cookies are sweetened with is bananas! Such a yummy flavor combo and love how clean the ingredients are.

hereI'm going to enjoy these and some other tasty and clean treats for a couple more days before I start my first ever Whole 30! You can read all about the Whole 30 diet . It's essentially a 30 day reset or elimination diet where you only eat real, whole foods and avoid any added sugars (even natural ones), alcohol, dairy, grains, etc.


This way of eating isn't too far off from how I normally eat/drink, but it's unique enough that I've been curious to give it a try to start off the new year. The biggest changes for me will be eliminating all sugars and any baked goods/treats with "approved" ingredients. I rarely eat much sugar to begin with, however there is some natural sugars such as maple syrup or coconut sugar in some of the snacks I eat. I also enjoy wine from time to time (although not enough where this will be too hard to implement). If you follow my Instagram, you know I love to make my paleo pizza, but I'll have to take a month off from that as well. The one thing I'm not positive if I will give up yet is kombucha... while Melissa Hartwig (the creator of Whole 30) wrote an article about kombucha on Whole 30 here. The subject is sort of grey and I think my stance is that I will still enjoy it from time to time (maybe limit it to once per week).


I am mainly giving the Whole 30 a shot out of curiosity. There's tons of hype around it and I'm curious to see how I feel after the 30 days. Even though my clean diet has fixed so many of the health issues I used to deal with, I still have some things I'm working on (hopefully a blog posting coming soon with more on that). I'm really hoping the Whole 30 might bring some insight. And January is by far the best month to try it in my opinion, since work will be busy and I won't have much time to go out anyways! 


I'll be sure to write a recap on my thoughts and how I feel after I'm done!


Now time to enjoy these cookies before Jan 1st!












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